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Railway Children Day Care Ltd

Day Nurseries, Breakfast, Afterschool & Holiday Clubs

Typically asked questions:


Other than the nursery place, what is currently included in the hourly rate?

Nappies, formula milk, breakfast, morning and afternoon snack.


How do I know my child is safe?

We do our utmost to provide a safe and secure environment by continually monitoring and improving our risk assessments and practitioners performance.  The nursery is only accessible through a locked door and entrance is only permitted with an appropriate password. 


Do I get charged for my child if they are on holiday?

Yes, because that place cannot be given to anyone else for the short time you are away.


If I need an extra day for my son's care, will he be able to come in at short notice?

We will do our best to accommodate but it is subject to availability. 


My child is allergic to dairy products.  Can you meet her dietary needs?

Yes, our experienced nursery cook will put together an alternative menu for her with your support. 

Can I request a school pick up on the same day?

If your child is using nursery transport we will try to accommodate, but there are limited spaces available in the vehicles. 

Do I get charged for bank holidays?

Yes, if you have the same contracted days weekly and one of these falls on a bank holiday, then you do get charged.


Do I get charged if my child is off sick?

Yes, because staffing has already been put in place.


What happens if I know I am going to late to pick up my child?

Ring the nursery as soon as you realise you are going to be late, and give an estimated time of arrival.  We will adjust our staffing levels to suit and charge for the extra time. 

My child has communication and language difficulties.  Would you be able to support him? 

Yes we will.  We have a named SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) within the nursery. This person will work closely with you and your child's key person to ensure that all his needs are met and that he is progressing.


My child has mixed parenting, therefore he has dual language and different cultures.  Can you accommodate?

Yes, we will work closely with you and the rest of the family to ensure that we incorporate any cultures and beliefs and appropriate language to support your child in our Nursery.


How do I know my child is progressing?

Your child will be assigned a key person who will support his/her development needs and will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

There are development files where your child's progress will be logged and monitored.  This information is shared with you regularly by your child's key person.


If I am worried about something, then who can I share that with?

Initially your child's key person, or their area supervisor.  However there is always a member of the management team available if you wish to speak to them.

What If I forgot to bring a packed lunch for my child at Holiday club?

We will provide your child with a light lunch but if this becomes a regular occurrence then you will be charged our standard lunch rate.